We Love Sumo



It's been a super long time since we've put up a blog.  We started out as a blog in 2009.  Almost 10 years later, things have changed.  We used to be the only (Hawaii in da Mainland) food blog out there.  Now everybody is a blogger/foodie.  We started the I Love Poke Festival in 2010 because there weren't many places that served poke.  Now poke is a popular dish worldwide and there are thousands of "mainland style" poke shops opening up.  (There are some Hawaii style poke shops out there, but not many.)  All this to say that it's time for change.  It's time for new and new things that we are excited for our coming...

But the biggest event in our lives over that last decade is our mentor, uncle, pastor, surf buddy, culinary teacher and best friend passed away due to a 2-year battle with cancer.  Blaine "Sumo" Sato was one half of what Ono Yum is.  (The bigger half)  Many of you met Sumo in our cooking classes or have seen him on stage at I Love Poke.  A lot of you who live in Orange County have almost been run over by Sumo surfing North Side HB or maybe down south at SanO.  Haha.



Sumo didn't just throw shakas.  He fed us.  He cooked amazing food, he shared recipes and most of all he shared his heart.  He made us smile, he put us in our place and he showed many of us how to spread Aloha, God's way.

Sumo might not be able to be on stage MC'ing our events and you won't be able to see him in the water on his 12ft tank mowing down tourists on the inside, but we do know that Sumo will be our inspiration for the next chapter of Ono Yum.  The lessons and advice he has left us will continue to guide our path in business and in life.  And of course we will hear his voice in our ears when we are making one of the many recipes he left us. (Especially if we burn or over season something!)

Please join us in celebrating one of the most amazing and inspiring lives we will ever come across in our journey of Hawaii, California, Food & Culture.  See you on the flipside, Sumo!

Nino Camilo